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Ups and Downs of Debt Consolidation

Ups and Downs of Debt Consolidation

More and more debt consolidation companies are showing up with great promises, trying to help you, or at least they say so. Like everything in this world even debt consolidation has good and bad sides. Here are some of them, for you to see if it’s worth a try or not.

Consolidation loans mean that you take a loan for paying off all the others. There are companies that offer their help with this. A benefit of such a loan is that these companies negotiate with your creditors for rate reduction, so you can save money. The other side of the coin is that these companies take a nice interest from you. If you think a bit, you will realize that in the long run you will pay more than you pay now simply for the bills and debts. You take the consolidation loan for a longer time, the monthly payment is reduced, but the interest you end up paying is so high that you spend twice as much as you would without such a loan.

Debt management companies may offer you a shorter repay time, too. They say that they will help you get rid of your debts faster. They offer you a repayment plan so you can organize your financials better. They offer you free debt counseling, and many, many more services that ought to help you. Think about it. If you take help from anybody, that anybody has to live from something, so probably some of your money will end up in their pocket, even if they are a non-profit organization.

In addition, if you were the only one benefiting from such a service, there wouldn’t be companies that try to help you. No matter if you take a debt consolidation loan for compacting your outgoings or pay the money for debt management companies, someone will always win on you. If you choose this way, you are getting yourself in more debt. You can only see this if you think in the long run. You pay a lot monthly for your bills, but if you pay less for only one, you pay more in the end, because you pay for more years. There is always another alternative. You can solve your problems on your own if you try. The problem is that these companies show you the situation only from the worst perspective and, therefore, you will think that the only solution is taking help from them.

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